Kitchen Encounters with Pam Buckle

Take a glimpse into the kitchens of the experts! We asked our favourite nutritional experts to share with us their top 4 store cupboard staples and their go-to rustle-up suppers.

My kitchen staples

Just 4 items? That’s difficult as I am the kind of person who likes a fully stocked kitchen at all times! But the 4 things I really hate to be without are:

  • Avocados
  • Nuts (almonds or walnuts)
  • Hummus
  • Organic carrots

Avocados give the feeling of a treat, while being ultra healthy. Either eaten alone, or whipped up into a version of guacamole and eaten with carrot sticks. My guacamole is either very garlicky with chilli and lemon, OR nothing like guacamole: creamy and mild with yoghurt.

A few walnuts or almonds are a quick snack, which will stop me wanting something sweet.

Hummus? Well, my friend Sian and I were saying the other day that you could probably live on it if you had to… protein from the chickpeas, healthy fats, garlic, and calcium from the sesame. Again eaten with carrot sticks is my favourite way. The smoked hummus we sell in Wild Oats is to die for, but it’s so simple to make hummus yourself with an ordinary blender.

And so organic carrots are my last staple for obvious reasons aforementioned! I will often take carrot sticks out with me in a tiny Tupperware. They satisfy a desire for sweetness too.

But what about…

Organic eggs: nature’s perfect packed lunch is a hard boiled egg;
Frozen peas
: they’re a green food in an emergency;
The essential bag of mixed leaves;
Frozen blueberries.

I could go on!

My quick supper

My quickest  supper has to be avocado slices with smoked salmon and rocket, all drizzled with extra virgin oil and a squeeze of lemon and black pepper.

Could that be any quicker?

Pam Buckle

Pam Buckle is in her 30th year of working as a Wild Oats Advisor! She is our natural remedies department manager.

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