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Find a qualified local nutritionist. Also includes the latest news and events as well as articles by nutritionists
Find a qualified local therapist, from acupuncture to yoga therapy. – Anne White for personalised nutrition, kinesiology, hypnotherapy, food intolerance testing and NLP – Bristol-based Medical Herbalist and founder of Rhizome Community Clinic – nutrition consultant for busy professionals and sports people – local raw expert and one of our chocolate cake suppliers (raw of course) – homeopath, Vibrational Medicine and Natural Medicine practitioner and Menstrual Health Educator. Women’s Group leader – abdominal and rejuvance facial massage, macrobiotic advisor, doula practitioner – local homeopath, trained with George Vithoulkas – local reflexologist for adults, children and babies – local nutritional therapist, Sarah Kellett, and member of Wild Oats staff – Bath-based holistic vet, Nick Thompson – Functional Medicine and GAPS (Gut & Psychology Syndrome) practitioner – Pineapple Sage Natural Health : Online resource/blog covering all matters ‘Natural Health’, from nutrition to herbal medicine. Nadege is a qualified Naturopath, available for consultations in the Bristol area.

Training opportunities – contemporary college of homeopathy offering part-time courses in Clevedon – College of Naturopathic Medicine, Bristol-based nutritional therapy training


Local centres and facilities – our Mike’s favourite gym – no mirrors, no posers, no grunting or shouting, tailored fitness programmes

The Health Hub – from the founders of the Natural Health Clinic, cafe, relaxation, therapy and resource centre


Local & organic vegetable box schemes – Bristol’s longest running organic-grower fruit & veg box scheme


General health related news

Health News – for those concerned about vaccination and immunisation: e-news from the national vaccine information center, Vienna, Virginia

Alliance for Natural Health – not-for-profit organisation working to promote natural and sustainable healthcare.


Information on…


Selenium Health Benefit Scale – The wonder of fish, the selenium content and anti-oxidant properties compared

Food Additives

Stevia – Sweeteners Stevia is a natural herbal sweetner, used as a healthier alternative to sugar and chemicals such as aspartame. It has a long history of safe use in many countries. Suddenly it has been taken off the market in the UK and its use restricted in the US. No clear reasons have been given, but it is interesting to note that this low cost, unpatentable simple herb has been serious competition to manufacturers of patent artificial sweeteners such as aspartame.

Aspartame – food additives offer ways of disguising food, for instance to make a poor quality food appear to be wholesome and fresh, or sweeter. Too often these additives can damage our health. For example we often find Aspartame used as a sweetener, especially in Lo-Cal drinks. Find out about the dark side of Aspartame.

Flouride – Although Fluoride is much touted as the answer to tooth decay, the flip side of this deadly poison shows once again how short-sighted our masters are when they look for a quick fix to a complex problem, especially when there’s money to be made. See the letter in our articles section on Fluoride.


Vernon Coleman – Natural health in easy lessons for some great down-to-earth information on natural approaches to common ailments, and the best essay on the GMO problem I have read yet.

Institute for Science in Society – Another wonderful site giving an unbiased and more holistic view of modern scientific trends especially in the field of GM technology.

PSRAST (Physicists and Scientists for the Responsible Application of Science and Technology) – All you need to know about GMO’s, what they are, how they are made, why they might be hazardous. It explains everything clearly and you have a choice of what level of detail you want, ie no technical words, some simpler technical words, or the full monty, the latter of which assumes you have a reasonable level of technical knowledge – an award winning site.

Greenpeace – Good overview of the latest developments.

The Non-GMO Project – Outlining the facts and what you can do to get involved.

Gene Watch – For the latest news.

The Pharmaceutical Industry

Dr. Rath World Health Alliance

Drug cartel nasties, for some of the most interesting info supporting all those conspiracy theories regarding the repressive influence of the multinational drug and chemical companies on our freedom of choice and access to simple natural remedies. He’s a bit of a self-publicist, but despite that he presents some convincing stuff.


A Healing Approach to Cancer

For some reason it’s illegal in the UK to talk about Healing cancer. Treatment, managing, dying – all OK, but not healing. It’s almost as if the establishment has decided it’s impossible. Or, the drug companies, knowing it cannot be cured by drugs, don’t want the competion… Anyway, for some very sensible approaches to cancer and all diseases check out Hulda Clark. Better still, read her book A Cure For All Diseases, the first of a series, others dealing with AIDS, cancer and advanced cancer. I have seen some remarkable recoveries using her techniques, inevitably getting the denial from the doctor – “must have got the wrong diagnosis – cancer can’t be cured” I wonder just how many people there are out there, alive thanks to a wrong diagnosis…


Mesothelioma is often initially misdiagnosed as an upper respiratory infection or form of lung cancer. Our main goal is to help your visitors better understand all possible treatment options. While there is no direct cure for mesothelioma, many individuals look to other ways of treatment to help relieve pain. Nearly 70% of cancer patients choose to use alternative treatments.


Holistic holidays

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