From biodegradable wipes and organic cotton wool to organic and natural body washes, shampoos, body lotions, powder, massage oil, soothing cream for nappy rash as well as soothing balms and stretch-mark oils for mums, our babycare range is extensive.

Our products are particularly suitable for babies with eczema and sensitive skin.

Formula milk and first foods

  • Bob the Builder – organic corn & rice pasta
  • Familia – muesli
  • Hello Kitty – organic corn & rice pasta
  • Holle – milk formulas, wholegrain porridge mixes
  • Ella’s Kitchen – fruit & veg puree pouches, Puffits cereal snacks
  • Nannycare – goat milk formulas
  • Organix & Goodies – baby rice cereal, pure fruit purees, apple rice cakes, Goodies Carrot Stix, Goodies Sweetcorn Rings, Goodies raisins, Goodies alphabet biscuits (free from processed sugar and salt)
  • Peter Rabbit Organics – blackberry & apple juice, pear juice
  • Quinola Mothergrain – first food ready-made meal pouches (peas & spinach with parsnip, mint and quinoa; butternut squash with carrot and quinoa; pinto bean with sweetcorn and quinoa)

Baby & mother care range

  • Allergenics – face & body shower wash
  • Beaming Baby – organic, biodegradable wipes
  • bio-D – nappy fresh sanitiser and stain remover
  • earth friendly baby – biodegradable wipes, shampoo, bubble bath and shower gel
  • Earth’s Best – non-medicated teething gel
  • Green People – sun protection cream
  • House of Mistry’s – baby soap, calendula powder
  • Kiss my Face – toothpaste (berry with flouride)
  • Lavera – sun protection cream, toothpaste
  • Natracare – organic, biodegradable baby wipes
  • Phytocare Pure – papaya ointment (for nappy rash, lips and nipples)
  • Phytoshield – botanical wild berry toothpaste
  • Urtekram – flouride-free toothpaste, shampoo
  • Weleda – remedies, nappy change cream, shampoo, body wash, bubble bath, body lotion, stretch mark massage oil


  • Bambo Nature – non-toxic, hypoallergenic, eco-friendly manufacturing process

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