Bread and Deli

breadWe have a wide range of fresh and locally baked artisan breads from Hobbs House Bakery, home of the The Fabulous Baker Brothers. We also stock locally made pittas and flatbreads from Abu Noor.

VG – suitable for vegans
GF – gluten-free

See our special diets page for more details about the gluten-free breads available in the shop.

Hobbs House breads

– Sourdoughs

Please note that although these loaves do not contain added yeast, naturally occurring yeasts are present

  • Quern wholewheat sourdough – contains wheat, dark rye and black treacle, VG
  • Shepherd’s Loaf – the perfect loaf! Contains spelt, salt and water only, VG
  • Organic light sourdough rye – rye with some bran extraction, VG
  • Organic light sourdough rye rollsVG
  • Organic wild white – contains white flour and sourdough rye, VG
  • St Martin’s Sourdough – white flour, rye sourdough and maltone

– Wholemeal, granary & spelt

  • Three seed wholemeal – contains wholemeal, non-hydrogenated all veg shortening and dextrose, VG
  • Organic wholemeal, VG
  • Six seed malted wheat – contains wheat, VG
  • Organic G-stone – contains wheat and molasses, VG
  • Organic spelt – contains spelt, cane sugar, VG
  • Five seed spelt – contains spelt and rye, VG

– Whiter breads

  • Pain de Campagne – contains white, wholemeal and rye, VG
  • Sherston overnight white – contain white flour, dextrose, non-hydrogenated veg shortening, VG
  • Ciabatta, VG
  • Baguette – contains honey
  • Green olive, VG
  • Green olive roll, VG

– Something sweeter

  • Pumpernickel – contains wheat, dark rye, black treacle, cranberries and coffee, VG
  • Croissants – plain and chocolate

Abu Noor pitta & flatbreads

  • Wholemeal and plain pitta, VG
  • Sesame & thyme flatbread, VG
  • Tomato & chilli flatbread, VG

fresh deli olivesDeli

Many of our sweet and savoury snacks are wheat-free, gluten-free and dairy-free.

  • Olives – pitted Kalamata, garlic & thyme, tomato & tarragon, VG, GF
  • Feta stuffed peppers
  • Dolmades, VG, GF
  • Falafel, VG, GF (Yossi’s falafel are gluten-free)
  • Nut rissoles, VG
  • Samosas – mixed veg, pea & potato, VG
  • Bhajis – onion, vegetable, VG, GF
  • Aloo Gobi balls, VG, GF
  • Pies – from Tom’s Pies in Devon
  • Cakes, friands and raw chocolate – including delights from the Great Cake Company, Healthy Oils, Hobbs House, Natural Vitality, Pack & Strong and local raw gurus Anna Middleton, Radek and Zowie Hackwood (Raw Bites)
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