Beauty need not be beastly!

A poll in May 2014 revealed that one in two females in Britain has a reaction to the beauty products they are using. Seemingly reassuring terms like ‘hypoallergenic’ and ‘dermatologically- tested’ actually means very little. Here at Wild Oats, we do the research into the ingredients our products contain, so you don’t need to.

We offer a real and sustainable alternative to the non-degradeable synthetic laden animal tested beauty products widely available.  We only provide brands that have excellent eco-credentials and all lines we stock use only natural and/or organic ingredients.

We have a wide range of soaps, body washes, body baths and milks, shampoos, conditioners, natural hair dye, sun cream, female care products, natural toothpastes, aluminium and chemical free deodorants, natural insect repellents, organic cotton wool, natural head lice treatment and more!

At Wild Oats we strive to support unique, eco-conscious and talented independent and local producers and so it is when sourcing our body care products.   Among the many independent lines we stock are:

  • Luxurious and rich soaps, face and body creams by Welsh brand “Laughing Bird”;
  • “Herbfarmacy” skincare products (from Herefordshire) – nearly all the essential oils Herbfarmacy use in their products are grown by them organically on their own farm and their products are especially good for problem skin;
  • Aquarius based in Devonshire have a wonderfully nourishing skin enhancing flower essence based range.