fairtrade goldHere at Wild Oats we trade preferentially in products that follow the ‘Fairtrade’ ethos.  We are concerned that much of world trade is to the disadvantage of poorer nations, and has a direct impact on people’s lifestyle and health.  We aim to challenge this by trading in a manner that supports a sustainable world environment and economy.

We are committed to dealing fairly with all producers and suppliers whether they are based in far away lands or just down down the road.  As a result, our prices may seem higher than those you will find in the supermarkets.  Of course, as a small, independent retailer, we don’t have the buying power of the supermarkets and simply can’t compete.  But neither would we want to.  We strive to honour the true value of food and are prepared to pay fair prices for the food we stock.

Here are some of the brands we sell whose products carry the Fairtrade logo:

  • Doves Farm (biscuits, snack bars, cereal)
  • BioFair (cereal, quinoa, chocolate rice cakes)
  • Divine (chocolate)
  • The Raw Chocolate Company
  • Seed & Bean (chocolate)
  • Green & Black’s (chocolate, hot chocolate, cocoa)
  • Zaytoun (olives, olive oil, dates, almonds, cous-cous, za’atar)
  • Essential Trading (tea, herbs & spices, dried fruit, nuts, quinoa, rice, chocolate spread)
  • Tropical Wholefoods (dried fruit)
  • Bart’s (herbs & spices)
  • Equal Exchange (honey, coffee, nut butter, nuts, sugar, cocoa, chocolate)
  • Rayner’s (golden syrup)
  • Kallo (sweet and savoury rice cakes)
  • Landgarten (chocolate)
  • Grumpy Mule (coffee)
  • Union (coffee)
  • Cafe Direct (coffee)
  • Cafe Rebelde (Zapatista coffee)
  • Clipper (tea, coffee, hot chocolate)
  • Qi (tea)
  • Hampstead (tea)
  • Pukka (tea)
  • Vintage Roots (wine)
  • Tiana (coconut oil, coconut water)
  • Scheckters (energy drink)
  • Vego (chocolate)
  • Traidcraft (sugar, cookies, cleaning products)
  • Billington’s (sugar)
  • Mount Hagen (coffee)
  • Green People (natural beauty, hair and skincare)
  • Urtekram (natural beauty, hair and skincare)
  • Fair Squared (natural toiletries)
  • ChariTea (juices)

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