Toiletries & Household Items

Bio-dJust a generation ago no one seemed concerned about the ingredients of common household products and the effects on our health and environment. That has all changed today and we are now acutely aware of the impact of these products.

We have a whole range of household cleaning products, including a refill wall (see below), saving on packaging and making it cheaper for you. They are as natural as they are effective and don’t cost the earth or our health.

We’ve got all you could possibly need to make your home as eco-friendly as possible. We’ve got:

  • washing up liquid
  • multi-surface cleaner
  • laundry liquid
  • laundry scent
  • fabric conditioner
  • whitener and bleaching agent
  • floor soap
  • toilet cleaner
  • dishwashing tabs and salt
  • rinse aid
  • lime scale remover
  • drain cleaner
  • soda crystals
  • borax substitute
  • fruit and vegetable wash
  • distilled vinegar
  • stain and odour remover
  • window/glass cleaner
  • carpet cleaner
  • furniture polish
  • hand wash
  • flushable wipes
  • sponges, cloths and fairtrade rubber gloves
  • recycled clothes pegs
  • bio-degradable bin liners
  • natural air fresheners
  • biomass firelighters
  • moth deterrents
  • candles***


***A note about our candles – it’s still not widely known that your average candle emits toxic chemicals like toluene and benzene. While lighting a paraffin candle once in a while is unlikely to pose a health threat, frequently lighting candles in an unventilated space could lead to problems, and may aggravate asthma, cause allergy-like symptoms, or irritate the respiratory tract.  We stock a range of chemical free candles for your home as well as natural incense.



Cleaning products

  • Ecover
  • Ecoleaf
  • Greenscents
  • Libby Chan
  • Bio D
  • Earth Friendly
  • Alma Win
  • Veggi Wash Fruit Too (fruit and vegetable wash)
  • Hall Amshire distilled malt vinegar
  • Sodasan
  • Method (multi-surface cleaner, bathroom cleaner, glass cleaner, floor cleaner)

Tissue Paper

  • Ecoleaf
  • Papura
  • Cotton Soft
  • Method (flushable wipes)


  • E-Cloths (general purpose cloths, glass & polishing cloths, recycled dusters)
  • Eco-Force (scourers, recycled clothes pegs, recycled peg baskets, recycled bag clips)
  • If You Care (recycled foil, baking parchment, firelighters, sponges)
  • Michael’s Original (sponges and scourers)
  • Traidcraft (fairtrade rubber gloves)

Available as Refills

  • Faith in Nature
    Laundry liquid – washing up liquid – shampoo (various fragrances) – conditioner (various fragrances) – handwash (various fragrances) – shower gel and bath foam (various fragrances)
  • Ecover
    Washing-up liquid (various fragrances) – laundry liquid (various fragrances) – fabric conditioner