Raw and Superfoods

Wild Oats is a raw and superfood heaven.  We have a vast and ever-increasing range of ingredients you can add to smoothies, cereals, homemade chocolates, snacks and meals as well as a range of sweet and savoury ready-made products.

Superfoods are chosen for their nutrient dense, cleansing and therapeutic qualities. Their optimum nutritional potency is maintained during processing by never heating them beyond 118°F (48°C), or by preserving them using natural fermentation techniques and freeze-drying.

For raw and superfood recipe inspiration… click here!

Raw Nut & Seed Butters

  • Carley’s raw nut and seed butters (hemp seed, almond, apricot kernel, mixed seed, black sesame, light and dark tahini, chocolate and almond spread), organic
  • Primrose Kitchen almond & hemp butter, almond & chia butter, organic

Raw Nuts

  • Raw Ecstasy activated almonds (wasabi miso, Himalayan salted, raw chocolate)
  • Creative Nature apricot kernals

Raw Crisps & Crackers

  • Inspiral Crackits (dehydrated crackers with wasabi, herb, tomato or garlic), organic
  • Inspiral kale chips (purple corn, wasabi & wheatgrass, baobab & onion, cacao & cinnamon, beetroot & acerola), organic
  • Raw Health Deeply Dense Pitta crispbread, organic
  • Pura Vida living raw breads with onion or chia seed

Sprouted Breads

  • Everfresh wheat, rye and spelt breads (plain or with fruit and nuts), organic

Raw Savoury Goods, Sauerkrauts & Cultured Vegetables

  • Sea Tangle kelp noodles
  • Gopals raw nori power wraps (Japanese or curry), organic
  • Raw Health sauerkraut, organic
  • Cultured Probiotics sauerkrauts and cultured veggies
  • Laurie’s sauerkraut, organic

Raw Muesli & Granola

  • Inspiral (Loveberry Bites, Chocolatey Bites, Banana Greenies), organic
  • Primrose Kitchen (beetroot & ginger or carrot, apple & cinnamon muesli)
  • Sun & Seed sprouted rolled oats, sprouted buckwheat, organic

Raw Sweet Treats (chocolate & energy bars)

  • Raw Health truffles & energy balls, organic
  • Yummy Scrummy brownies, ingredients grown to ecological standards or organic
  • Raw Chocolate Company chocolate (chocolate bars and chocolate coated goji or mulberries), organic
  • Ombar chocolate bars, organic
  • iQ superfood chocolate bars, organic
  • Conscious chocolate (Wild at Heart with maca, vanilla & blue-green algae), organic
  • Love Raw superfood bars, organic
  • The Primal Kitchen, grain-free paleo friendly bars, organic coconut & cherries
  • Nak’d fruit & nut bars
  • Pulsin’ energy bars
  • Raw Organic food bar, Active Greens bar, organic
  • Inspiral freeze dried durian fruit, organic
  • Radek’s brownies (various flavours), organic or ethically sourced, Bristol made
  • Anna Middleton’s Rawsome cakes (fresh from the deli), Bristol made
  • Zoe Howie’s Raw Bites (fresh from the deli), Bristol made

Raw Chocolate Making Supplies

  • Elements for Life raw hot chocolate (original or spiced), cacao nibs
  • Tree Harvest cacao nibs, powder, butter and paste, chocolate-making kit, grown to ecological standards or organic
  • Creative Nature goji berries (non-organic), cacao powder & nibs, organic
  • Essential coconut chips, organic
  • Sun & Seed sprouted buckwheat and sprouted rolled oats, organic

Raw Honey & Sweeteners

  • Tree Harvest yacon syrup, stevia leaf powder, grown to ecological standards or organic
  • Wild About Honey, raw & unpasteurised Portuguese heritage
  • Wild Honey Manuka 5+ organic, 200+
  • Steens Wild Manuka honey 10+
  • Raw Health acacia blossom or tropical forest, organic
  • Raw linden honey
  • Talking With Bees raw & unpasturised honey, Bristol made

SuperfoodsSuperfoods & Green Powders

  • Tree Harvest superfood powders (acai, maca, raspberry, cranberry, blueberry, bilberry, barley grass, chlorella, wheat grass, spirulina, wheatgrass, lucuma, purple corn), grown to ecological standards or organic
  • Creative Nature maca powder, goji berries
  • SuperLife Superfood Breakfast Topping mix
  • Inspiral superfood mixes (Detox & Vitality), organic
  • Viridian Soul Food Greens powder, organic
  • Pukka (Vitalise, Clean Greens, spirulina, chlorella, wheatgrass), organic

And of course anything we don’t stock, we may be able to order in for you, so always feel free to ask a member of staff or contact us by phone or e-mail.