Download some free Wild Oats created resources here:

1. Choose alkalising foods (Mike Abrahams)

2. Detoxification (Becs Griffiths, 2014)

2. Sleep (Olivia Desborough, 2014)

3. Womens Health (Clare Warren, 2014)

4. The Mood-Food Connection (Allie Burdet, 2014)

5. Seasonal Allergies (Becs Griffiths, 2014)

6. Managing Hayfever (Sarah Kellett, 2014)

7. The Sunscreen Debate (info from the Health Institute, 2014)

8. Managing your Blood Sugar (Sarah Kellett, 2014)

9. Know Your Manuka Honey – Buyer Beware! (Allie Burdet, 2014)

10. The Importance of Water During the Menopause (A Vogel blog post, 2014)

11. The Best Things for Hangovers (Mike Abrahams, 2014)

Presentation notes from the Wild Oats lecture series:

1. Food the Best Medicine (Jamie Richards, 2013)

2. Dynamics of Diet  (Jamie Richards, 2013)

3. Optimum Nutrition for Optimum Performance (Jamie Richards, 2013)

4. Age & Cognitive Decline (Mike Abrahams, 2014)

5. Allergies & Food Intolerance (Dr Jens Rohrbeck, 2014)

6. Digestive Wellness (Dr Jens Rohrbeck, 2014)

Some free e-book resources from Naturally Healthy Publications:

1. Improving_High_Blood_Pressure_in_30_Days

2. Improving_Heart_Disease_in_30_Days

3. Healthier_Lungs_in_30_days

4. Solving_Diabetes_in_27_Day



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