Wild Oats – Much More than just your average health food store – Here’s how!

Wild Oats has a truly extensive range of organic and whole food. Our staff are not only friendly but many of them have a deep level of knowledge in specialised fields and are health practitioners in their own right. This means we have a huge wealth of knowledge at our disposal as a resource to provide customers with the best possible service when it comes to nutritional and supplementation advice. For more information on the individual expertise of staff see “Our staff” .

We are a family run business and are careful to recruit individuals who share our passion for health and the environment. We continually re-evaluate our use of resources; this includes using alternatives in packing materials, expanding our already large refillables section, recycling as much as possible where possible and using local and organic suppliers. All these little things add up to reducing the total impact we have on the environment.

Organic and sustainable living is becoming the norm

The tide has truly changed and eating healthily and as organically and/or as locally as possible is becoming mainstream. We have seen a huge dawning of interest in the whole cycle of food production. We want to know that our food is being grown in an ethical manner without chemicals and that the producers are getting a fair deal. Fresh local and organic food benefits not only the environment and the producers but also the health of you, our valued customer.

Shopping at Wild Oats you can be confident that we have done all in our power to support, protect and promote:

  • The environment on which we depend and where our food is grown – we strive to stock as many organically certified goods as possible ensuring that pesticide and chemical residues do not get into the food chain
  • The producers – ensuring that they get a fair deal
  • Your health – we hunt down products that are as nourishing as possible. We never accept products with damaged fats (trans-fats/ hydrogenated), we avoid all GM contaminated food and we seek to minimise that amount of products we stock that contain refined sugar