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Allie Burdet

Allie Burdet

Department Manager

I have worked for Mike and Loes since 1992, first running the wonderful gem that was Health Matters in Cotham Hill, and then as one of the managers in the ‘big shop’ – Wild Oats.

Over the years I have learned a great deal about supplements, herbs and skin stuff and have always tried to share that knowledge in as helpful a way as possible. I’ve trained up in every qualification going but still find experience (and Mike) the most valuable teacher.

Shaitsu, Holistic Massage, hand-made skincare products (and other alchemy) and Applied Neuroscience also feature in my work life, and a bit of work in the early days with Absolute Aromas, Yaoh and Pukka. Wild Oats is great like that – many of us fit in sabbaticals and professional training while still remaining a Woatie at heart.