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Loaf of Hobbs House Bakery Bread on a table
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A healthy you from the inside-out

We’re Wild Oats, an independent health store based in Bristol. We’re packed full to the brim with everything from natural foods and natural beauty products to vitamins and supplements. We stock thousands of health products in our store that you can buy online too.

Meet the maker: The Cultured Collective

Meet the maker: The Cultured Collective

The Cultured Collective is all about kimchi and sauerkraut. These fermented foods are packed full of healthy acids, vitamins and live good bacteria which can help keep your digestive system in top condition.
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Gluten-free bread on a wooden table.

How gluten affects the body

Do you suffer bloating, brain fog or aching joints, or do you just not feel in good health? The proteins in wheat, rye and barley, known as gluten, may be responsible for many of these symptoms (and possibly many more)! Find out more here.
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Welsh rarebit with smoked chipotle sauerkraut on a baking tray

Welsh rarebit with smoked chipotle sauerkraut

If you're introducing sauerkraut to your diet, then using it as a condiment to your  main meal is a really easy way to get your fill. But if you're looking for a little bit of sauerkraut inspo, here's a super easy recipe for you to try.
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