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Are Nano-minerals the next big thing?

Are Nano-minerals the next big thing?
01/01/2016 Alice


“We are a young, dynamic and enthusiastic company, dedicated to find and offer the absolute best in health products that can be found in the UK and abroad.

That’s why we want to introduce you to our Nano minerals, which of all the colloids in the world are the purest and most effective on the market. And just like the Nano minerals, our other products are unique and will help you in achieving and maintaining a healthy body and spirit.

Minerals are the source of all physical life and the basis of nutrition, because the human body consists of about 4% minerals. Minerals control every organ and all the electrical impulses in the body. Minerals, like the 50 billion cells in our body which they feed, are dependent on each other for their operation. Therefore we need the full spectrum, as is the case with plants. But if minerals are no longer in the soil, then plants contain no minerals and deficiencies occur. Mineral supplementation is essential.” –

These Nano-minerals are now available at Wild Oats, find them alongside the supplements.