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Meet the maker: Little Gem's Cakes

Meet the maker: Little Gem's Cakes

Who are you?

Gem, owner of Little Gem’s Cakes.

What’s your business/product?

Little Gem’s Cakes is a Bristol based vegan cakery, I make 100% vegan cakes. From traybakes, cookies, postable gift boxes, cupcakes and round cakes, to birthday cakes and wedding cakes. I also love making fully vegan afternoon teas!

How did you get the idea/concept for your business?

I’ve had my business for about 8 years, and I changed it to be fully vegan 2.5 years ago when I went vegan myself so my business would align with my own ethics. I have always specialised in free from options, I love being able to cater for customers who can’t usually join in and enjoy cake. I love allowing that opportunity for people to be part of a celebration and not miss out. Because everyone deserves great cake!

What’s the best thing about your job?

I love being creative. Whether it’s designing a cake, or developing a recipe. Also the amazing responses I get from clients, especially those who can’t believe their cake is free from and can taste that good!

What’s unique about your business?

Although veganism has gained popularity in the last few years, some customers still come to me saying they have found it difficult to find a vegan caterer. So I think despite there being an increase in lots of amazing vegan businesses, they are still quite niche. I am also able to cater for most dietary requirements, I have done requests for gluten free, soya free, maize free, cocoa free, to name a few. For my celebration and wedding cakes I specialise in very sharp and clean edges to my buttercream, which is quite unique for vegan cakes.

Have you got any tips for using your products?

Sponge cakes are best stored in the fridge, but they taste best at room temperature. I would always recommend removing them from the fridge at least an hour before serving to come to room temperature, for optimal taste and texture.

We stock lots of Gem's delicious vegan treat from our Redland store.