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Woman folding her yoga mat up after yoga class in Bristol.

Top 6 places to do yoga in Bristol

There are plenty of reasons why yoga is good for you. Yoga can improve your flexibility, strength and balance and the deep breathing exercises help circulate blood around your body. Bristol is bursting with yoga classes, so where do you actually start when searching for the perfect class? We’ve whittled down some of the top recommended yoga instructors and studios in Bristol.

Yoga Brunch Club

Yoga Brunch Club is all about giving you the opportunity to pause, breathe, stretch, eat and get to know a great group of people with similar interests to you.

Their events are hosted in the most beautiful buildings, and they combine an energising but fun yoga session with a delicious sit-down feast after. What's not to love?!

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Bristol School of Yoga

Bristol School of Yoga, previously known as Bristol City Yoga, is ran by Laura Gilmore. Their practices stay true to yoga tradition, while also exploring interesting areas such as sports science and neurology and how that intertwines with our bodies. You’ll find Bristol School of Yoga at 16 Backfields Lane, BS2 8QW - not too far from Cabot Circus.  

Bristol School of Yoga Timetable


5.45pm - Vinyasa Flow with Jennifer Best (75 mins)

7.15pm - Hatha Flow with Alice Powell (60 mins)


7.15am - Morning Vinyasa flow with Bryony Seekins (60 mins)

7pm - Restorative Flow with Elena Byers (75 mins)

5.30pm - Vinyasa Flow with Emilia Sus (75 mins)



7.30am - Fiery flow with Cara Peters (60 mins)

5.45pm- Hatha yoga with Keira Lillie (75 mins)


10am - Iyengar yoga with Andrea Ray (90 mins)

7.15pm - Meridian yoga with Gaetano Arena (75 mins)


5.45pm – Yoga flow with River Mace (75 mins)



5.30pm - Vinyasa flow with Ranta Averate (75 mins)



5.30pm - Hatha yoga with Cecilia Lei (60 mins)

7pm - Slow flow to Yin with Cara Peters (75 mins)

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At home

Accessing yoga at home is so easy with plenty of free content available on YouTube.

Yoga with Adriene

What yoga does Adriene teach?

If you’ve practiced yoga at home then you’ve probably already heard of Yoga with Adriene. Adriene’s YouTube channel has absolutely loads of yoga sequences ranging from short 10 minute bursts to 40 minute sessions. You’ll find plenty of beginner videos which is ideal if you haven’t been on your yoga mat for some time, plus some more advanced sequences if you’re looking for more of a challenge. And the best part? You can do it from the comfort of you own home, in your own time.

Yoga with Lyndsey

We were lucky enough to work with Lyndsey Sanders who filmed some yoga sequences for our Wild Oats YouTube channel. Lyndsey is trained in Hot 26, Yin, Hatha and Ashtanga and she strives for “progress, not perfection.” She hosts her classes in South Wales, but of course you can access the flows she recorded for us here.

Can yoga help back pain?

Sitting at a screen all day can affect your posture, causing strain on your neck, shoulders and back. Yoga can be a really effective method for helping reduce lower and upper back pain. Try Lyndsey’s yoga for your neck and shoulders to help relieve some of that tension caught in your upper body.

Clifton Sky Yoga

The Clifton Sky Yoga studio is based in…yep, you guessed it…Clifton! They offer loads of different classes every day of the week as well as workshops, so you’re sure to find something to fit your schedule. From gentle, grounding sequences to more fun and dynamic vinyasa, there’s truly something here for everyone. There's an offer on for yoga newbies too with 21 days of unlimited yoga for £49.

Clifton Sky Yoga Timetable


8am - Slow Flow with Nicole (45 mins)

6pm - Aerial yoga (60 mins)

1pm - Vinyasa Yoga with Laura (45 mins)


7.30am - Barre with Kate (45 mins)

6pm – 7pm: Slow Flow Yoga with Nora

10.30am - Vinyasa Yoga with Vanessa (60 mins)

7.30pm - Restorative Yoga with Sunny (60 mins)

12.30pm - Slow Flow & Sound Bath with Vanessa (45 mins)



7.30am - Vinyasa Yoga with Vanessa (45 mins)

6pm - Vinyasa Yoga with Laura (60 mins)

11am - Aerial yoga (60 mins)

 7.30pm - Aerial yoga (60 mins)

1.30pm - Slow Flow with Rosie (75 mins)


8am - Slow Flow Yoga with Rosie (45 mins)

4.30pm - Teen Yoga with Rosie (60 mins)

9.30am - Mandala Vinyasa with Lynne (75 mins)

6.15pm - Vinyasa Yoga with Vanessa (60 mins)

1.30pm - Barre with Kate (45 mins)

7.30pm - Slow Flow Yoga with Nicole (60 mins)


8am - Vinyasa Yoga with Laura (45 mins)

6pm - Pregnancy Yoga with Charlotte (60 mins)​

1.30pm - Yin with Lynne (60 mins)



10am - Aerial yoga (60 mins)

 11.30am - Pilates with Clara (60 mins)


9am - Vinyasa Yoga with Kerry (60 mins)

6pm - Slow Flow with Poppy (60 mins)

10.30am - Vinyasa Yoga with Sunny (60 mins)


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Yoga with Yolanda

Yolanda ensures relaxation and breathing practices are an integral part of her yoga classes. Students have said they “sleep so much better” after a yoga session with Yolanda. The classes are held in Northeast Bristol, but you can also access some of these classes online. There is a great mix of nourishing yoga, as well as challenging your body with dynamic and strengthening sequences.

Yoga with Yolanda Timetable


7.30pm (60 mins)

Pomphrey Hill Community Sports, The Sports Pavilion Mangotsfield, BS16 9NF


9.30am (60 mins)

Quakers Road Church Hall, Bromley Heath, BS16 6NH


6.45pm (60 mins)

Quakers Road Church Hall, Bromley Heath, BS16 6NH


9.30am (60 mins)


Pomphrey Hill Community Sports, The Sports Pavilion Mangotsfield, BS16 9NF

7pm (60 mins)

Pomphrey Hill Community Sports, The Sports Pavilion Mangotsfield, BS16 9NF

You can contact Yolanda directly to book your class:
yogawithyolanda.me@gmail.com <
 Yoga with Yolanda Facebook Page <

Omkari Yoga

From complete beginners to those who want to deepen their yoga experience, Omkari Yoga is all about delivering authentic yoga to everyone. The classes are led by Debbie Thomas in various East Bristol venues, but you can always book an online session if you prefer practising at home. Debbie has been practising different styles of yoga for over 20 years including Yin yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Sivananda and Restorative.

Omkari Yoga Timetable


9.30am (30mins)


6.30pm (90 mins)

Desperate Men Theatre Studio, Epstein Buildings, Mivart Street, BS5 6JL


10am (60 mins)

Function Room, The Greenbank Pub, 1 Greenbank Road, BS5 6DP


6.15pm (90 mins)

St Anne's Church Hall, St Leonards Road, BS5 6JN


9am (60 mins)

Bradley Stoke Leisure Centre, Bradley Stoke

6pm (60 mins)

Kingswood Leisure Centre, Kingswood

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Can yoga build muscle?

If you’re looking to use yoga to build muscle, then you can hold your poses for 30 seconds and take fewer breaks. Taking a Bikram or Hot Yoga class will definitely make you sweat more, and these intense sessions can help strengthen your body. Make sure you give your body everything it needs to recover after each session. Try a salt bath to help replenish your body’s electrolytes, or try protein to help give you an energy boost.

Woman sitting cross legged on yoga mat