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Broad bean, pea & spring onion drip

Broad bean, pea & spring onion drip
09/05/2014 Olivia

I made this after a walk along the river Avon in late April when the wild garlic was in full swing. The addition of peas in this really lifts and lightens the flavour.

– Allie Burdet, Wild Oats Advisor


Fresh broad beans
1/2 bunch spring onions
2 or 3 cloves of garlic or small bunch of wild garlic Ramsons
small bowl of frozen peas or fresh podded (optional)
slug of extra virgin olive oil
small cup of water
pink himalayan salt or herbamare
coconut oil for cooking


  • Pod and peel the skin off your broad beans, i used about 200g after peeling. It takes ages but is really worth it for flavour.
  • In a non-stick wide pan melt the coconut oil and add chopped garlic or sliced ramsons and chopped spring onions.
  • Gently sautee for 2-3 mins then add peeled broad beans.
  • Sautee on a gentle heat for another 3-4 mins then add frozen peas and stir.
  • Turn heat off, keep a lid on the pan and leave to steam through for a further 3-4 mins.
  • Blend with the slug of olive oil and some of the water to form a soft dip texture. Season to taste with himalayan salt or herbamare as you blend making sure you taste it as you go.


This dish is also delicious as a veg dish or warm salad with young Pecorino sheep’s cheese or goat’s cheese.

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