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Fluoride – Stop This Medication

Fluoride – Stop This Medication
27/12/2012 Mike

letter to the the Westmorland Gazette
May 23 2003


The Sunday Times published another letter this week from the scientists involved in the government commissioned York Review saying “that fluoridation does not reduce inequalities in decay. No drug would be licensed for effectiveness or safety on the present evidence.” The silicofluorides used for fluoridating drinking water are class 2 poisons as scheduled by the 1972 Poisons Act, they are not on any mineral register or pharmaceutical list and the Medicines Control Agency refuse to accept them as a medicinal drug. They are purchased from the phosphate fertiliser companies as toxic waste and contain impurities of lead,arsenic, beryllium, antimony, radionuclides etc, they have not passed any safety tests as fit for human consumption.

Although silicofluorides have not been approved as water treatment chemicals they are being used in drinking water not as a public health measure like chlorine to kill waterborne bacteria but with the intention to treat people for dental caries which is not a life threatening or contagious disease. Unfortunately, 48% of people living in a fluoridated area suffer from dental fluorosis. 12.5% require cosmetic dentistry which they have to pay for as it is not covered by the NHS. The teeth have to be veneered at a cost of around £200 per tooth renewable every six years.

In English law forceable medication can only be carried out on people sectioned under the Mental Health Act. Scientist Doug Cross has made a study of Human Rights legislation and fluoridation not only violates medical ethics but contravenes directives of the EU on human rights. This study has been examined and agreed by two barristers. So it appears we breaking not only English law but European directives as well.

Is the only way to stop this discredited medication of our drinking water to go to the European Courts of Human Rights?

Member councils of North West Councils Against Fluoridation have policies against fluoridation, they are elected councillors representing in the region of 4 million people. The west coast of Cumbria is fluoridated against the wishes of their councils. Copeland Borough Council has demanded time and time again for fluoridation to be stopped, they are always refused. NWCAF have always upheld the rights of the people they represent to have the freedom of choice of medication not to have it rammed down their throats via the drinking water without their consent. If people want fluoride, tablets are available at the chemist along with fluoride toothpaste, mouthwashes etc.

Except for one small area in Spain Europe is now fluoride free, the last fluoridated city Basel in Switzerland stopped fluoridation last month after 41 years giving 4 precise reasons:

1. The preventative effect of the fluoridation of drinking water could not be proved by any study. When specialists do not succeed in producing definite proof in 40 years, the issue has to be abandoned.

2. Inspite of the fluoridation of drinking water caries has been on the increase with children.

3. The danger of fluorosis is played down, nobody talks about fluorosis of the bones. The fluoridation of drinking water is particularly problematic in the case of young children and babies.

4. Less than 1% of the fluoride in drinking water is actually used for “prevention of caries”, more than 99% of the fluoridated water is used for washing, cleaning, industrial production etc and thus only pollutes the environment, a very undesirable imbalance.

I think this says it all!


Yours sincerely, Cllr Noel Spendlove CHAIRMAN