Is Organic Food Better For You?

Is Organic Food Better For You?
03/09/2020 Jordan
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Is Organic Food Better For You?

  • Organic foods are up to 60% higher in a number of key antioxidants than crops plastered in pesticides.
  • When you tot up the additional antioxidants you’re left with the equivalent to eating between 1-2 extra portions of fruit and vegetables a day.
  • There are significantly lower levels of toxic heavy metals in organic crops.
  • Concentrations of total nitrogen were 10%, nitrate 30% and nitrite 87% lower in organic compared to conventional crops.
  • There are 75% more pesticide traces on conventional fruit and 32% more on vegetables. The 10% of pesticide residue found on organic crops most likely comes from spray drift.

What Are Salvestrols?

Salvestrols aren’t something our body can make. They’re a group of unrelated compounds, mainly comprising polyphenols, antioxidants and phytoestrogens which occur naturally in a variety of fresh vegetables and fruits. They don’t exist in meats and processed foods.

What gives them the generic name of Salvestrols is that they all exhibit an ability to seek out and destroy cancer cells through natural metabolic processes, while leaving healthy cells untouched. They do this by reacting with particular enzymes that are only present in diseased cells. The salvestrol is metabolised by the enzyme (salvestrol activase) into a toxic substance that then destroys the cell. It would appear that these enzymes have evolved to protect us from cancer and other degenerative diseases, in conjunction with the plants that evolved with us.

Organic Food Contains More Salvestrol

What makes this even more striking is that salvestrols occur in significant amounts only in stressed plants, those that have been attacked by moulds or fungi. It seems to be a plant’s natural toxic defence against these organisms. Thus in an intensively farmed plant, having no stress because it is protected by fungicides, there will be little, if any, salvestrol present.

Conversely, in a similar plant grown organically (or wild), salvestrol levels will be up to 20 times higher. By eating a diet made up of junk (I would never use the word “food” in this context) and industrially produced fruit and vegetables we lose the ability to stabilise the degenerative processes that take place in our body due to “natural” cancer formation and the oxidative stress of our environment (junk, atmosphere, radiation of all kinds and psychological stress.).

Hardly surprising, therefore that cancer is now overtaking heart disease as a major killer of western humanity. Unless we return to a diet based on organic, fresh, local and seasonal fruit and vegetables, I fail to see how deaths due to cancer will not inevitably increase and possibly even overtake the massive levels of deaths due to “proper” medical intervention.

7 Reasons Why Organic Food Is Better

  1. Organic farming maintains healthy soil
  2. Organic keeps GMOs out of our food
  3. Keeps harmful pesticides out of our environment
  4. Organic foods tend to be more flavoursome
  5. Organic foods are often more nutrient-rich
  6. Organic supports a healthier community and farm lifestyle
  7. Organic farming supports pollinators

Source: Organic vs Non-Organic Food

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