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Know Your Manuka Honey

Know Your Manuka Honey
26/09/2014 Olivia

Caveat Emptor for Manuka Honey (buyer beware..)

Prices of genuine (and probably non genuine) UMF Manuka honey are rocketing as supply cannot fulfil demand.

Global retail availability of Manuka honey is around 4 times the amount that can be produced in New Zealand. So therefore much of it cannot be genuine.

The UK imports the total quantity that NZ can produce! Therefore some of it must be ‘watered-down’ with other honey.
China is buying as much New Zealand Manuka stock as it can. This is pushing the price up globally and much ‘Manuka honey’ is being distributed from China…

Apparently Manuka Honey UMF 10 is for sale in Aldi for around £5. This is simply not feasible.

Wild Oats always holds a strict policy of transparency, integrity and trustworthiness from all our chosen suppliers and we are confident that the brands and sources of our Manuka honey are genuine and sound.

We are happy to supply contact details for any of our Manuka brands for any more in-depth questions.

Meanwhile, unfortunately, our Manuka honey prices have really gone up…