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Mango and ginger smoothie.

Mango and ginger smoothie.
28/12/2015 Alice

A little something from Frankie at to help us feel a bit more tropical.

The simplest things are often the best things. Simplicity in art, style, life, and food. Often times, less is more. Embracing simplicity and appreciating the smalls things can bring much happiness to your day.

Lately I’ve felt boredom with creativity and recipe developing. I’ve felt as if I was in an artistic rut, as if I was “losing my touch.” Doubt and frustration muddled my mind and formed a smokey cloud above me, blocking my light of creativeness. I felt like all my recipes tasted like burnt toast.

The other morning I woke up craving something refreshing, a little sweet, nourishing, and cool. I tossed four ingredients into my Vitamix and my craving was satisfied. I was happy, full, and feeling inspired. Instead of thinking about being creative and forcing it, I was just “doing” it naturally. I began jotting down other recipes which were popping in my head like corn kernels. Later, I worked on a drawing that’s been collecting dust, half finished, sitting in my closet for months. I started singing to myself as doodled. My spark came back!

The doubtful feeling is inevitable; it happens to everyone once in a while. Especially when you feel so strongly about something and all you want is to inspire, create, and do better ALL. THE. TIME. Thoughts begin to race, something doesn’t go as planned, then the frustration lurks up and fills your chest with a bitter disgust. This is when you (and myself) need to take a break from whatever it is we are doing. Stop thinking, stop doing, and let something simple take over. When you’re not “trying,” that’s when the best thing tend to happen.

If you’re feeling frustration, try the simplistic excellence of this four ingredient, cleansing smoothie. Maybe it’ll help you like it did me!

Mango Ginger Green Smoothie

Serves: 1


  • – 2 cups mango chunks, chopped then frozen (about 2 ripe, peeled and pitted mangos)
  • – small chunk of fresh ginger root, about 1/2 teaspoons worth
  • – small handful baby spinach leaves (organic if possible)
  • – about 1 cup non dairy milk (I used almond milk)
  • – a few toppings if desired (I used blueberries, raw almonds, chia seeds, and a bit of coconut)


  1. Add the spinach to your high speed/high powered blender first, followed by the non-dairy milk, ginger, and frozen mango.
  2. Turn it on low, then crank that baby up to high and let ‘er whiz around for a good minute until your smoothie is…. smooth!
  3. I like ’em thick, so the vitamix plunger tool definitely comes in handy.