Meet the Maker: Nutcessity

Meet the Maker: Nutcessity
01/07/2021 Jordan
Mike placing a label on a jar on nut butter

Meet the Maker: Nutcessity

Nutcessity exists to make delicious organic nut butters that contain no peanuts or gluten; no palm oil or added sugar. They taste great and make you feel great.

There are so many flavours available and so many ways you can enjoy nut butter. Get to know Mike and the Nutcessity brand in this Meet the Maker episode, and if you’re tempted…try one of the many flavours!

Who are you?

I’m Mike Duckworth! Massive nut butter enthusiast and lover of organic food & drink. I started my business, Nutcessity, in 2016.

What’s your business/product?

We make a range of speciality, organic nut butters that are free from peanuts, and come in some seriously innovative flavours. They have a slightly less sticky texture to that of standard almond/cashew butter and contain no added sugar or palm oil.

How did you get the idea/concept for your business?

I was in Australia on exchange at University when I decided to try almond butter for the first time, bought at a local store. It was a big moment for me as I’d been diagnosed with a peanut and almond allergy when I was younger, but I was confident by this point I’d outgrown the almond allergy. Back in the UK, I couldn’t find what I wanted – something to suit my dietary restrictions but also a range made with organic and pure ingredients; and something I could ultimately get excited about flavour-wise.

Mike putting a lid on a stockpot
Hands placing a label on a jar lid

What’s the best thing about your job?

The freedom to be untied from any rota or framework. I don’t really believe in the mantra ‘every day is different’ – some are very similar if I’m working from home – but I make the decisions on what I do on any given day, which I really like.

What’s unique about your business?

The business was founded in Bristol, in 2016, where I switched kitchens 3 times (don’t ask)! Also, We are delighted to be supporting local water & sanitation charity Frank Water, who we donate 1% of profits a year to, with the intention to increase this to 5% within the next few years.

Have you got any tips for using your products?

Yes! Don’t just think toast… they are great on stewed rhubarb, peaches or apples, on Swedish crispbread, overnight oats, biscotti, digestives, flapjacks or spread on pancakes. Yum!

Try some of these nut butter treats

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