Meet the Maker: Surya Prana

Meet the Maker: Surya Prana
28/03/2021 Jordan
Cup of turmeric tea and cinnamon tea using organic powders

Meet the Maker: Surya Prana Nutrition

Meet the Maker is a series we’ve introduced where we shine a spotlight on a small business so you can get to know their brand and what they stand for.

In this blog, we chat to Kay from Surya Prana Nutrition, who creates organic whole food health products which combine ancient wisdom and modern nutritional research.

Who are you?

My name is Kamal Katwa and I am a nutritional therapist and naturopath from London. I am also the founder of Surya Prana Nutrition.

What’s your business/product?

At Surya Prana Nutrition, I formulate organic whole food health products which combine ancient wisdom and modern nutritional research. The result is timeless supplements that have been formulated with an environmental and social conscience.

How did you get the idea/concept for your business?

The idea for my business came from my passion for using nutrition and lifestyle to find vitality. Throughout my time as a nutritional therapy student and beyond I noticed that many of the Ayurvedic principles I was handed in the kitchen as a child were backed up by modern science.

This sparked my quest to bring together ancient wisdom with modern scientific understanding, in a way that was easy and accessible, even to those with no past experience of Ayurvedic principles.

The concept of Surya Prana Nutrition essentially encompasses my health journey. Surya is a Sanskrit word which translates to ‘sun’ and it reflects my unwavering belief in the power and wisdom of nature and the plant world. Prana in Sanskrit translates to ‘breath’ or ‘life force’ and it symbolises the life force I have regained through nourishing and nurturing my mind, body and spirit. My name is Kamal, which translates to lotus flower, so the Surya Prana Nutrition logo is a lotus flower mandala!

What’s the best thing about your job?

I feel blessed to have the ability to say that I love my job! Therefore, it would be hard to narrow down the single best thing about it. From hearing how my formulations are supporting people’s health journeys to working with wonderful practitioners, charities and shops like Wild Oats, this job is truly rewarding. This is not to say that this job is without its challenges, but I continue to learn so much every day.

What’s unique about your business?

My Ayurvedic and culinary knowledge helps me to source the very best ingredients. I formulate thoughtfully and want to bring products to the market which are genuinely helpful in clinics for practitioners and their clients.

Have you got any tips for using your products?

Our products are completely food-based and very versatile. Our blog, newsletter and the @suryaprananutrition Instagram account is filled to the brim with tips on how to use our products, so be sure to check these out for inspiration!

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