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NEW! Smart Supplements for the Little ‘Uns

NEW! Smart Supplements for the Little ‘Uns
08/10/2013 Olivia

Smart focusSmart Focus
Fruity flavoured one-a-day jellies with all the essential omegas to help brain function. Free from added sugars and artificial sweeteners.
30 jellies / £14.99

Relax & Unwindrelax higher nature
Dissolvable berry-flavoured powders in sachets to help busy children relax and unwind. With theanine, a natural amino acid known to aid calm and relaxation, calcium and magnesium, providing essential bone support during important years of growth.
10 sachets / £9.99

Fruit & Shake
A fun fruit and veg sprinkle, made from powdered fruit and veg, to enrich  yoghurt, cereal or desserts with added real food goodness. Tasty and fun to use as well as nutritious and fortifying.
100g / £9.99

vit d3 Higher natureVitamin D3 (625iu)
Minty tasty spray, getting the goodness right into the mouth where it can be most easily absorbed. With over 60% of the population deficient, vitamin D supplementation is recommended for all the family. Vitamin D is essential for healthy growth and development. One tube provides about 8 months supply.
13.5ml / £9.99