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Find this month’s offers and new products all in one place. Keep an eye out for products that you’re able to buy online too, we have some great online exclusives including free giveaways when you make certain purchases.

We’ve added some of our bestselling products online too, take a look at the vitamins and supplements collection to see if there’s something you need to stock up on.

Online Exclusives

  1. Buy any BetterYou product and receive a FREE packet of magnesium flakes (while stocks last)
    1. BetterYou Vitamin D Spray DLux 1000 – Buy Online £7.45
    2. BetterYou Vitamin D Spray DLux 3000 – Buy Online £8.45
  2. Buy any Wiley’s Finest product and receive a 10 x FREE capsules of Peak EPA (while stocks last)
    1. Wileys Finest Peak EPA – Buy Online £33.99
    2. Wileys Finest Fish Oil Easy Swallow Minis 60 Capsules – Buy Online £9.99


  1. BetterYou Vitamin C Spray
  2. BetterYou Vitamin D DLux 4000 Spray

In-Store Offer Only

  1. FREE Wiley’s Finest K2 Fish Oil worth £34.99 with any Planet Paleo Collagen Tub (while stocks last)

20% Off

  1. Optibac for Immunity
  2. Surya Prana Nutrition Organic Whole Root Turmeric and Black Pepper Powder
  3. Surya Prana Nutrition Organic Whole Root Turmeric and Black Pepper Capsules
  4. Surya Prana Nutrition Organic Amla Blend 60 Capsules
  5. Surya Prana Nutrition Organic Ceylon Cinnamon Powder
  6. Atrogel 100ml and the Atrosan 30 Tablets
  7. Dormeasan
  8. Pukka Night Time and Ashwaganda
  9. BioCare Children’s Complete
  10. BioCare Red Berry Melts
  11. BioCare Children’s Elderberry Complex
  12. BioCare Strawberry Acidophilus
  13. Pharmanord Omega7 (while stocks last)
  14. Melissa Dream Gummies
  15. Melissa Dream 40 Tablets

25% Off

  1. Simplee Aloe Juice 1L and 500ml
  2. Wileys Finest Fish Oil Easy Swallow Minis 60 Capsules – Buy Online £9.99
  3. Wellness Herbal Resistance Liquid 59ml
  4. Wellness Herbal Throat Spray 29ml
  5. Neubria

33% Off

  1. Udo’s Choice 250ml Ultimate Oil Blend

10% Off

  1. Clearspring Crispbread
  2. Island Bakery Biscuits

15% Off

  1. Everfresh Cakes and Sprouted Grain Bread
  2. Biona Rye Breads

20% Off

  1. Nutcessity Gingerbread Almond, Caromel Cashew and Date & Walnut Nut Butters
  2. Amy’s Tinned Soups
  3. Nairn’s Organic Original and Super Seeded Oatcakes
  4. Tick Tock Rooibos Tea
  5. Raw Choc Co. Sharing Pouches
  6. Rude Health Milks
  7. Hampstead Black Tea Range
  8. Montezuma’s Chocolate
  9. Equal Exchange Coffee
  10. Wild Oats Organic Oats, Apricots, Dates and Prunes

25% Off

  1. Primrose Kitchen Breakfast Cereals

30% Off

  1. Eat Real Snacks Organic Range

20% Off

  1. Faith in Nature Shampoo and Conditioner
  2. Green People Shampoo and Conditioner

All the plant-derived ingredients in these products are organic. (The mineral-based elements can’t be certified organic and water is not included in organic certification!).

  1. Weleda Skin Food and Skin Food Light

Again all botanical parts are organically grown.

15% Off

  1. One Planet 3 Cheese Pizza
  2. One Planet Fungi Pizza
  3. Pip Organic Apple Squeezer
  4. Pip Organic Berry Squeezer
  5. Pip Organic Rainbow Lolly

20% Off

  1. Real Olive Company Organic Nocellara Olives
  2. Real Olive Company Organic Kasbah Olives
  3. Real Olive Company Organic Wild Garlic and Basil Olives