Our Story

Hello, We’re Wild Oats Natural Foods.

Whether your journey to improve your health is just starting or you know exactly what you need, Wild Oats is here to help you every step of the way.

It Started with Wild Oats Founders, Mike and Loes Abrahams.

Wild Oats was born in 1981 out of the passion of Mike and Loes for the wild and wonderful world of healthy wholefoods. There were few shops of its kind around in those days, but the demand for healthy wholefoods was growing rapidly and the shop grew from strength to strength.

Zero waste bulk refill room pictured in 1981

Their Health Store Grew From Strength to Strength.

And by June 1987, the shop had doubled in size and offered more product lines than ever. This was our refillables section back in the 80s. Can you see all the packs on the shelves? Most of them were packed by us in-store, helped from time to time by Mikes’s dad and Auntie Cec.

And Today, Wild Oats Continues to Pave The Way For Independent Health Stores.

From a store where grain was sold from sacks on the floor, Wild Oats now houses one of the Bristol’s most extensive ranges of quirky wholefoods, supplements and natural remedies. The management team collectively have decade’s of experience in the industry, so it’s worth soaking up their knowledge.

Wild Oats management team standing outside the store

Our Mission

For Wild Oats to equip you with the knowledge and products to promote a healthy you from the inside-out 

Our Essence

Natural, sustainable, ethical, organic and wholefood are the buzzwords that stay at our core.

Our Promise

To deliver free, expert advice tailored to you. We’re not about pushing products for sales.

Our Team

Are passionate about everything we do, going above and beyond for our customers.

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