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Whether you’re looking for vitamins and supplements or minerals and probiotics, our collection includes our bestselling nutritional supplements that help keep you healthy from the inside-out.

You’ll find magnesium supplements from Viridian that help support your nervous system and normal muscle function. And a vitamin D supplement from BetterYou supplied in an easy to use oral spray for your daily dose of vitamin D. If you’ve got an iron deficiency then Nature’s Plus Hema-plex formula is one of the iron supplements in our range. It contains a boost of vitamin C and is the best and most effective iron formula we’ve ever sold.

Why is it important to take vitamins and supplements?

Our body needs small doses of essential nutrients every day to be able to function properly. These include vitamins and minerals such as calcium, vitamin C and iron. You need to take the right amount rather than too much, as it could be harmful to your health. We always recommend that you seek advice either in-store from our Wild Oats team or from a qualified health practitioner, so it’s tailored to you.

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