Ecover Camomile Washing Up Liquid 450ml

Ecover Camomile Washing Up Liquid 450ml


A powerful and effective washing up liquid.


Nationwide delivery available

  • Effective washing up liquid
  • Camomile and Clementine
  • Tough on dirty dishes
  • Made from plant-based ingredients

The Ecover Camomile and Clementine Washing Up Liquid is powerful and effective at cleaning dirty dishes. It will leave them shiny and sparkling, with a lovely camomile scent. It is made with plant-based biodegradable ingredients, which are also extremely gentle to sensitive skin. Ecover’s packaging is 100% recycled and is 100% recyclable.


5-15%: anionic surfactants, non-ionic surfactants; <5%: Amphoteric surfactants, Perfume (Limonene); Others: Water, Lactic acid, Alcohol denat., Citric acid.

How to Use

One squeeze of the liquid is enough for a sink full of dishes.

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