NaturesPlus Hema-Plex Iron 60s

NaturesPlus Hema-Plex Iron 60s


These capsules provide high-powered nutritional support for total blood health.

Gluten-Free | Vegan

Nationwide delivery available

  • The ultimate total blood support iron formula
  • The best and most effective formula we’ve ever sold
  • It won’t upset your stomach the way other brands do
  • Gluten-free and suitable for vegans
  • Highly recommended by Pam, our Natural Remedies Department Manager

The capsules contain 85mg amino acid-chelated iron, 300mg vitamin C, essential cofactors (B complex, essential minerals) and Proanthocyanidin/Bioflavonoid Complex.

Seems like quite a list doesn’t it? All that means is NaturesPlus HEMA-PLEX is an ideal dietary supplement for those with iron deficiency. It’s important in making red blood cells, which carry oxygen around the body. Another supplement for heart and blood health are these magnesium supplements.

The NHS advice for iron is 8.7mg a day for men over 18, 14.8mg a day for women aged 19-50 and 8.7mg a day for women over 50. You should get enough into your system from the things you eat but women who lose a lot of blood through their monthly period, for example, may need to take a supplement.


See product label in images for full list of ingredients.


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