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Lyonsleaf Beauty Balm 60ml


With every Lyonsleaf Beauty Balm 60ml, get a 'Try Oil Cleansing Kit' worth £6.99 FREE, while stocks last.

What's in the oil kit?

1 x 8ml Beauty Balm (enough to oil cleanse for about a week)
5 x Basic muslin flannels

Discover the amazing 'oil cleansing method'. Simply stop stripping skin's natural oils when cleansing to maintain a good skin barrier. Good skin barrier seals in moisture for glowing skin that stays hydrated and plumped all day, consequently reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles caused by dry skin.

You may be surprised that many customers with oily skin report that they also love oil cleansing with Lyonsleaf Beauty Balm and that it keeps their skin perfectly balanced avoiding oily shine. Traditional products for oily skin strip the skin's natural oils in an attempt to try and reduce excess sebum, but it's now known that this can damage the skin barrier, disrupt the microbiome and PH level of the skin and even cause the skin to overcompensate producing more sebum.