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Rose & Cardamon Rice

Rose & Cardamon Rice
03/02/2015 Olivia

A delicious pudding or supper time snack from Sally’s own kitchen.

Serves 2-4


1/2 cup ground rice
4 cups Bonsoy or other milk
1/4 cup crystallised coconut blossom sugar or other natural sweetener e.g. maple syrup
5 rose buds
ground seeds from 3 cardamom pods
pinch of sea salt
optional garnish of rose buds, maple/coconut blossom syrup or honey and crushed pistachio nuts or toasted flaked almonds

*** Quantities of rose buds, cardamom and sweetener can be adjusted according to taste.
*** The above recipe gives noticeable but subtle flavours and isn’t overly sweet


  • Pour milk and ground rice into a heavy bottomed small/medium saucepan
  • Grind finely the cardamom seeds and sea salt using pestle and mortar
  • Add ground cardamom and rose buds to the pan and stir ingredients together
  • Put pan onto a very low heat, stirring frequently with wooden spoon. Heating the mixture very slowly gives more time for the flavours to infuse and prevents lumps developing
  • When the mixture begins to thicken slightly start to stir continuously to prevent lumps
  • After a few minutes, when you sense the mixture will soon be very thick and hard to stir, take out the rose buds (while you can still find them before pudding becomes too thick) and add the coconut sugar or other sweetener
  • Pudding will start to bubble (like the boiling mud in Iceland!). If heat isn’t already at it’s lowest point, turn it down now and make an extra effort with the stirring
  • Pudding should be ready after around 10 minutes from first putting on the heat
  • Garnish as you like in bowls with a drizzle of maple/coconut blossom syrup or honey and rose buds. Crushed pistachio nuts or toasted flaked almonds would also be delicious with this dessert