The Real Reason Behind Eating Seasonal Foods

The Real Reason Behind Eating Seasonal Foods
28/01/2021 Jordan
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The Real Reason Behind Eating Seasonal Foods

Eating seasonal and local fruit and vegetables is beneficial for so many reasons. A quick Google search will tell you that. Choosing foods readily available supports your local community, it’s healthier, it tastes better and it’s more environmentally friendly especially if it’s organic. But there’s another reason you may not have thought of…

Cold vs Hot Weather

Imagine feeling hungry in a freezing cold January, when the heating has failed and you are chilled to the bone. Which would you choose – a piping hot casserole or a crisp cool salad? Or on a baking summer day when it’s difficult to find somewhere cool, would you prefer the casserole to the salad? I certainly wouldn’t.

Did You Know?

When it comes to food, human instinct drives our decision making. That’s why we’re more likely to choose a fresh salad over a hot casserole in the hotter months.

Eating Local Foods

Plants and animals that thrive in a given climate can generally be relied upon to provide the best quality of food in that region. So salads and fruits provide the moisture we can use to perspire helping us stay cool in a hot climate. But in temperatures as low as -50°C we rely more on low moisture, high fat, high heat foods such as fish and seals. Again our

Hot casserole and chunky bread in bowls ready to eat and fresh salad in a salad bowl ready to serve

instincts would suggest that reversing this and eating high fat low moisture foods in hotter climates would lead to overheating, while more watery foods in the Arctic would cool us down too much, leading to more chills and flu.

Eating Around the World

Resulting from the numerous migrations of peoples across the planet over the centuries, we have also learned how to modify foods by cooking to enable them to match our climate needs. Something as basic as roasting a carrot or a parsnip would convert the starches into sugars that we can use to provide energy in cooler climes and an easy vegetable stir fry provides a lighter, more moist meal as the weather warms.

Unlike most of the animal kingdom on the planet, not only have we been able to inhabit almost any region of the planet, but we have done so by adapting to consume the local foods available and by modifying (by cooking) other foods to enable us to thrive there.

Blog by Mike Abrahams, Wild Oats Natural Foods Founder and Managing Director

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