How to Treat Lyme Disease?

How to Treat Lyme Disease?
13/11/2020 Jordan

If you have had Lyme disease for more than 6 weeks however, it’s unlikely that the antibiotics will help, although they are always worth trying. The Lyme organism is very clever and can change shape in order to avoid antibiotics. But there are things you can do to keep it at bay and stop it from causing more problems:

  1. Take antimicrobials and rotate them, so maybe 2 weeks Oregano oil capsules, 2 weeks AllicinMax capsules (the infection-fighting part of garlic), 2 weeks Samento (modified Cat’s Claw extract).
  2. Take Chlorella which is great for detoxing (Lyme organisms secrete toxins that make you feel awful, and suppress your immune system)
  3. Stop eating sugar and refined carbohydrates (infections thrive on sugar)
  4. Get moderate exercise outdoors even if you feel exhausted (Lyme disease hates oxygen in your blood, it wants you to sit on the sofa all day)
  5. Have saunas (many people feel better after saunas, probably due to the heat)
  6. Do the common sense things to support your immune system: Cytoplan Immunovite 1 cap a day, Vitamin D, drink enough water, get enough sleep, avoid stress wherever possible.

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