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Vegusto! Dairy-free Delights

Vegusto! Dairy-free Delights
04/06/2013 Olivia

We’ve just extended our popular Vegusto moo-free cheese range to include  a moo-free cheese-style sauce, a mushroom and cheese-style burger and a delicious smoked luncheon roll. Perfect timing for the picnic and BBQ season.

The Vegusto no-moo cheeses are based on coconut, sunflower and rapeseed oils and contain almonds and cashew nuts. They are free from many of the common allergens including gluten, soya, dairy and egg.

The burgers and luncheon roll are dairy and egg-free but do contain gluten.

Moo-free cheese sauce £5.00 / 300g
Mushroom & cheese-style burgers £2.99 / 2 x 70g
Smoked luncheon roll £6.00 / 500g