Wild Oats Launch Buy 2 Take 1

Wild Oats Launch Buy 2 Take 1
28/09/2020 Olivia

Wild Oats Launch Buy 2 Take 1 Initiative to Help Local Community

We’ve introduced a ‘Buy 2 Take 1’ initiative that encourages you to pay for an extra item in your basket when you next visit us in-store, we’ll then donate it to a local cause on your behalf.

How Can you Get Involved?

  • When you’re at the till just let a Wild Oats team member know you’re happy to pay for another item in your basket
  • We’ll charge you for the item, then we’ll donate it to a local charity. It’s as easy as that.

What Can You Donate?

At first we thought anything food and drink. So coffee, tea, tinned food, pasta. But then we thought how a donation of something like moisturiser or even baby nappies could make a difference to someone. It’s completely up to you what you’d like to donate.

The Importance of Helping Our Local Community

Mike Abrahams, founder of Wild Oats, gives the reasons behind launching this initiative:

“At Wild Oats, we have always been committed to helping our local community and it is fitting that as we approach our 40th year that we are introducing our ‘Buy 2 take 1’ initiative.

This is designed so that our loyal base of customers can double up their shopping and we will donate the extra items on their behalf to one of our chosen charities, allowing everyone access to great quality, ethical and sustainable products which will help both the mind and body and creating a healthy you inside and out. ”

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