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Wild Oats Talks

Wild Oats Talks
08/10/2019 Jordan
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wild oats founder mike standing outside wild oats store

Exciting news! We are bringing back Wild Oats Talks and you’re invited!
Our very own Mike, the founder of Wild Oats, will be presenting a two part series on nutrition and health.
Part 1 is Food, the best medicine and Part 2 is Food, Mood and Stress.
And its FREE! We just ask for a donation for Penny Brohn Charity at the door. Be sure to get tickets to both events.

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Talks are held at the Redland Park United Reformed Church.

Wild Oats Talks -Pt. 1 Food, the Best Medicine
Thursday, 7th November

Hippocrates, the founding father of modern medicine, recommended using food to treat conditions before resorting to any other medicine, and his principles are just as relevant today as they were over 1500 years ago. Letting “food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” is all very well in principle, but what food, and what medicine?

Cutting through the hype and fads around food, Mike is here to give a clear and logical introduction to medicinal foods, ways of preparation and eating for optimum health, using material based on the latest nutritional research and a few thousand years of traditional experience.

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Wild Oats Talks -Pt. 2 Food, Mood and Stress
Thursday, 21st November

Stress, low mood, anxiety and depression touches so many of our lives in modern times. Whether it affects you or someone you care about, it is such an important and empowering tool to know how food and lifestyle can affect our mental state.
And although there are many ways to look at the nature and causes of mood and stress, for today’s discussion we will purely look at the influence of diet.

We shall begin by looking at the overall nature of illness and its relation to mood and stress. Then we will move on to the effects of diet and finish off with suggestions for foods and diets which support and sustain a more healthy and peaceful mind.
On the way we will employ a few ideas borrowed from the ancient Chinese, that have stood the test of time.

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Find out more about Mike here.