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Zapatista Coffee

Zapatista Coffee
22/10/2012 Mike

So your delicious, smooth morning coffee doesn’t just smell good, it does good too.  Wake up and make a difference by trying”

Zapatista is absolutely delicious, full flavoured with a slight bitterness, offset by an almost ‘chocolaty’ roundness in flavour.

The Zapatista story is one of courage, fair trading and sheer faith in the power of good people making a difference. The Zapatista group of autonomous indigenous people in Southern Mexico reclaimed 50,000 hectares of land in eastern Chiapas and set about farming it. Around 200,000 people from 1,000 villages are gainfully employed now and 100s of new Zapatista communities have been set up on these lands. Funds from the sale of Zapatista coffee are used directly for a number of water projects.