What does water kefir do for you?

You may have already heard of kefir. It's a fermented drink that's packed with friendly bacteria and yeast. It has been used across the world for centuries to promote a healthy gut.

Water kefir however is slightly different. It undergoes a second fermentation with flowers, roots, planets and fruits.

Can I drink water kefir every day?

The short answer is yes, you can drink water kefir every day. But when you're first starting out with probiotic food and drinks, you should always limit how much you have to see how your body responds. So, with that in mind, we recommend limiting your water kefir intake to about half a cup a day for the first few days.

If you notice your stools becoming looser then this is a sign to reduce the amount you're drinking. If your body is content, then you can increase the amount.

Is water kefir better than kombucha?

Water kefir is a milder drink than kombucha. Kombucha contains a wealth of probiotics that can aid digestion, as well as enzymes and acids that help break down your meals. Whereas water kefir is more of a general probiotic drink that doesn't contain acids and enzymes like kombucha. Instead, it contains a lot more bacterial strains.

Both kombucha and water kefir are great for hydration and they both are beneficial in aiding the natural systems in your body.

What does water kefir taste like?

Water kefir is made with fruit juices and water. So it has a really light, refreshing taste similar to squash or a cordial.

We stock three flavour of water kefir including Blackcurrant, Lavender and Ginger and Lemon.

Are water kefir and milk kefir the same?

In short, no. Water kefir is made with sugar or coconut water and fruit juices. It also needs a starter culture. Whereas milk kefir is made with coconut, cow or goat milk. It can also be made with other non-dairy milks.

They're both packed with beneficial probiotics and yeasts but when it comes to looking at the number of those bacteria and yeast, then milk kefir does come out on top.

If you prefer a yoghurty drink with a bit of a zing, then milk kefir is for you. But if you prefer something refreshing and lighter, then water kefir is your go-to.

Is water kefir good for you?

Water kefir is packed with beneficial bacteria that play an important role in your gut health which in turn impacts your immune health too.

Water kefir can aid digestion, boost energy and mood and has an anti-inflammatory effect on your body. That's quite a list for a drink!

Is water kefir alcoholic?

Water kefir contains a very small amount of alcohol. This is a by-product of the fermentation process in fermented drinks. But the level of alcohol is so small that water kefir isn't categorised as an alcoholic drink.

Is water kefir keto friendly?

The aim with many keto diets is to limit your carb intake to 20-50g a day and an average serving per person of water kefir is about 10-13g. That means you should be able to incorporate water kefir into your keto diet.