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What eco refills can I get at Wild Oats, Bristol?

To celebrate plastic-free July, we wanted to showcase the different plastic-free refills we have available in-store at Wild Oats Bristol.

Reducing your plastic use doesn’t need to be complicated. Choosing making one or two swaps is always a great place to start. Just remember, little changes can still have a huge impact.

Household refills

Are you looking for a household refill station in Bristol? From shampoos and conditioners to eco-friendly laundry detergent, we’ve got all your household essentials at Wild Oats.

Simply bring your empty bottle or container, fill it with your chosen household refill and let us know which item you’ve chosen and how many millilitres or litres you’ve got.

  • Ecover

    • All purpose cleaner
    • Delicate laundry liquid
    • Fabric softener
    • Handwash
    • Laundry bio
    • Laundry non-bio
    • Toilet cleaner
    • Washing up liquid
  • Faith in Nature

    • Bodywash
    • Conditioner
    • Handwash
    • Shampoo
    • Hand & body lotion
    • Laundry liquid
    • Distilled malt vinegar
  • Ecoleaf

    • Laundry detergent
    • Conditioner
    • Glass & stainless steel cleaner

15% off selected Ecover refills in-store

Fresh, seasonal organic fruit & veg

The fruit and veg we stock changes with the seasons. It’s better for the environment as seasonal produce is grown in its natural state without the need for chemicals. It supports local growers. And it saves you money as the abundance of seasonal produce availability drives the cost of produce down.

Where do Wild Oats get their seasonal fruit & veg from?

Evergreen Organics

Evergreen Organics source their produce from local growers as much as possible. They have really strong ties with some of the best organic farms in the UK.

Forbidden Fruit & Veg

Forbidden Fruit & Veg grow their veg in their 1.5 acre walled garden in Badminton. Everything they produce is seasonal and chemical-free. We get deliveries of salad bags and various greens and when they're in season we get delicious cucumbers, squash, garlic, tomatoes, courgettes and beans.

Bulk dry goods

Find all the natural and organic bulk dry goods you need in one place. From dried fruits to mueslis, you can tick off everything on your shopping list here.

We have free recyclable brown paper bags that you can use for smaller portions. Or bring your own container and get a discounted price on bulk dry goods. (*offer detailed below*)

What bulk foods are available at Wild Oats?

  • Dried fruit, nuts & seeds

  • Muesli & oats

  • Rice & pulses

Eco friendly refillable containers for bulk foods at Wild Oats

* Receive a discount for every 2kg of dried foods bought. *

* Bring your own container & get the 2kg discounted price for any volume of bulk foods bought. *

A few words from Mike Abrahams - Wild Oats co-founder

History of the bulk foods rooms

“We first saw bulk bins in Holland in the 70’s and immediately recognised their advantages of reduced waste, by buying only as much as you need at the time, reduced cost and waste because of lack of packaging and labelling, and the ability to earn discounts when buying in larger quantities.

Our first bins were a development of the ones we had seen in Holland and were a hit from the start. At the time, without competition down the road, students came up from the university, from the Old Vic Theatre School in Clifton and Redland College (as was), delighted to find that they could buy the smallest quantities to tide them over, thereby saving sorely needed cash.

This applied to other walks of life too, and very soon we recognised the need to provide a wider range, and so a second set of bins was installed, to be followed by a third bank later as demand grew.

Originally the bins were designed to accommodate the size of sacks that we thought we needed to meet demand, while ensuring a good turnover to keep things fresh. In those days, before Health and Safety, many items could be delivered in 50kg sacks, which reduced their cost per kg and so the lower bins were built to accommodate these.

Other bins were designed to take 10kg quantities and the rest were for 5kg fills, basically to ensure good turnover. Over time, sales began to fall, mainly due to increasing competition but also due to changes in public culinary habits and so quantities and product ranges have developed to meet changing demand.”

What else can you do to reduce plastic waste?

The UK can't cope with all the plastic waste companies are producing, so it's being dumped on other countries where it's harming people and wildlife. Tell our government to fix our plastic crisis in a way that doesn’t harm people - or the planet.


Tell ministers to fix the plastic waste crisis.