Taking inspiration from the famous traditional Bolognese comfort food, our ragu is rich and hearty combining the earthiness of lentils with the sweetness of ripe tomatoes to make a delicious meal just like la mamma’s cooking!

Except, what’s quick isn't always the best for us right? There always seems to be a compromise. Our founder, Shane, was convinced that there doesn’t need to be a trade-off. Food that’s quick and easy can be delicious. It can be created naturally with real food that we know and love instead of artificial flavours. And most of all, real authentically healthy and convenient food should be accessible by all. Out of frustration I started fiid. Made using only natural plant based ingredients, packed full of vegetables and stored in your cupboard or pantry, fiid is the perfect partner for a busy, fast paced life. Think less sad last minute meals and more memorable midweek eats, fiid was designed for how we live today. Say hello to better everyday mealtimes


Lentils (24%), tomato (24%), water, carrot (9.5%), celery (8%), mushroom (7%), tomato puree (4.2%), onion (2%), herbs, garlic, sundried tomato (1.7%), maize starch, red pepper, mushroom concentrate, salt, onion powder, mushroom powder, spices, vinegar, citrus fibre For allergens