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Mushroom Ketchup for Pies, Puddings and Sauces.This rich traditional cooking sauce was the secret of success of many Victorian Cooks with Steak and Kidney Pies and Puddings, Roast Meats, Sauces and Soups. - Prepare and Use: Pies & Puddings:Add two tablespoons per pound of meat to the fillings of steak and kidney pies and puddings to give them a spicy mushroom flavour and a rich colour.Roast Meats & Poultry:Mushroom Ketchup can be used as a marinate for all meats and poultry and also for basting during roasting. Use the resulting pan juices to make a rich dark gravy with the appetising smell and taste of mushrooms.Sauces & Soups:Enriches all brown sauces and soups and makes an excellent flavouring for cream of mushroom soup and mushroom sauce.Straight from the bottle:Mushroom Ketchup is delicious on grilled chops, kidneys, liver or steaks.

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