Planet Paleo Beauty Collagen is a blend of MSC-certified marine collagen and hyaluronic acid with organic herbs and vitamins to support healthy skin, hair and nails. It contains a clean, sustainable source of marine collagen peptides to support the repair and elasticity of tissues and restore your inner glow.
Beauty Collagen contains vitamin C and zinc, which contributes to normal collagen and keratin synthesis, as well as biotin, which helps to maintain healthy hair and nails. They have also added herbs such as sea buckthorn and Gotu kola based on traditional use. Crafted from the highest quality wild-caught Molva molva fish off the coast of France.
This collagen powder is slowly simmered to release all the powerful primal nutrients and it is dehydrated into a convenient, easy-to-use form The Strawberry Beauty Collagen powder is scoop-free to reduce single-use plastic waste but easy to measure using a 5ml teaspoon for your convenience.
About the supplier

Mike Abrahams - Wild Oats Founder

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