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This Suma organic soup has a rich, mouth-watering vegetable bouillon broth with tasty Tuscan beans swimming in it. Haricot, cannellini, borlotti and red kidney beans all blend together to make a delicious flavour with every slurp. This soup is simple to make too, just heat it up in a saucepan over a hob or put a bowl of it in the microwave and you’ll have a warming, vegan-friendly meal in next to no time. Break this out at lunch while at office to help you through the rest of the work day.


Water, beans*(14%) (in variable proportions: haricot*, borlotti*, red kidney*, cannellini*), tomato puree*(5%), onion*, celery*, red pepper*, vegetable bouillon*(sea salt, yeast extract*, rice flour*, onion*, celery*, carrot*, parsley*, marjoram*, turmeric*), sunflower oil*, garlic*, corn starch*, basil*, parsley*, rosemary*, ground black pepper*, salt. *denotes product of organic farming.