Total Sweet's only ingredient is pure natural xylitolFound in fruits, vegetables and even our own bodies xylitol has several health benefits over sugar and artificial sweeteners, and tastes even better.Suitable for dieters and those with diabetes** If in any doubt consult a health advisorTotal Sweet is a 'xylitol based table top sweetener' Formerly 'Perfect Sweet' Made from natural, sustainable plant sources, 100% natural, GI value of 7, Non artificial, Aspartame free, 40% less calories than sugar, Actively promotes healthy teeth and smile, Sourced from sustainable plant sources, Can be used in cooking exactly as sugar, Less than half the "available" carbohydrates of sugar


Total Sweet Xylitol benefits include: Total Sweet Xylitol makes it easy to cut down on sugar: Whether you want to lose weight or cut down on your sugar intake, Total Sweet Xylitol can help. Swapping your sugar for Xylitol lets you enjoy an indulgent cake, sprinkle of sweetness on your cereal, or cup of tea just how you like it with less calories and carbs

Total Sweet Xylitol offers steady energy release: It has less ‘available’ carbohydrates (those absorbed and used by the body) and 40% less calories compared to normal sugar. It has the lowest GI value of all sugar alternatives on the market and is about 10 times lower than sugar. This means it doesn’t affect your blood sugar levels as dramatically as sugar does

Total Sweet Xylitol promotes healthy teeth: Xylitol is already an ingredient in many chewing gums, toothpastes, mints and mouth washes for its dental benefits. It can help to create an alkaline environment in the mouth, which can help reduce cavities and prevent plaque build-up. It can also help the mouth absorb calcium and other minerals that help your teeth stay strong and healthy

You can cook with Total Sweet Xylitol: Replace sugar ‘one for one’ in your baking for less calorific cakes, biscuits and other treats

Total Sweet Xylitol respects the environment: The European birch and beech wood used to make Xylitol are sustainably grown for paper making, and Xylitol is merely a bi-product. No trees are specifically cut down to make this sugar alternative. Total Sweet have also helped to plant over 50,000 trees to date through the Trees For The Future organisation – and that’s pretty sweet!