Are Maitake mushrooms good for you?

Here at Wild Oats in Bristol, we stock a range of medicinal mushrooms supplements from Bristol Fungarium and Mushrooms for Life.

For thousands of years mushrooms have been prized in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) throughout Japanese history for their health benefits, as well as for their nutritional value. Modern research is now confirming the therapeutic properties of many mushroom species.

Whilst the likes of Lions Mane, Cordyceps and Reishi are amongst the most cultivated and prominent mushrooms known for their widespread health benefits; here at Wild Oats, we feel that Maitake mushroom needs to be shone under the spotlight!

Meet the Maitake Mushroom

Maitake is a delicious gourmet mushroom that has many culinary uses due to its unique appearance, texture, and flavour. Maitake means ‘Dancing Mushroom’ in Japanese, indicating people’s joy at finding it in the wild, as these fungi boast impressive health benefits. It is traditionally said to bring vitality when taken regularly.

Key benefits of Maitake Mushroom:

Immunity: Beta-glucan compounds in maitake have been shown to have beneficial effects on the immune system, and potent antiviral action.

Blood Sugar Balance: Studies have reported improvement in blood sugar levels in Diabetes Type II patients.

Heart Health: Polysaccharides in maitake have been shown to lower high cholesterol levels and reduce high blood pressure.

Hormonal Health: Studies suggest that maitake extract alone may induce ovulation in PCOS patients.

You can trust that the medicinal mushrooms supplements that we stock here at Wild Oats in Bristol are clean and safe products that are:


Grown naturally and wild-harvested.

Pure Grade extracts.

Third-party tested.

Contains no hidden nasties.

Here at Wild Oats, some of our favourites include:

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Written by Laura Walker, Nutritional Therapist and Natural Remedies Advisor and at Wild Oats.